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Daily Presentations

See our schedule of daily educational talks!

What’s Happening at Cairns Aquarium

To really understand the incredible adaptations and behaviours of our amazing animals and the world they live in, attend one of the scheduled daily educational talks provided by our incredibly knowledgeable Wildlife Educators:

  • Marine Touch Tank 10:00am – 3:00pm Marine Touch Pools (Level 1)
  • Life of Sharks & Rays  – 11:00am & 1:30pm Oceanarium (Ground Floor)
  • Curious & Colourful  – 11:30pm Coral Sea Amphitheatre (Ground Floor)
  • Flooded Billabong River Monsters 10:15am & 12:30pm River Monsters Amphitheatre (Ground Floor)
  • Ribbon Reef Denizens of the Deep10:30am & 1:00pm Deep Reef Amphitheatre (Level 1)
a woman Is showing the exposition

Marine Touch Pool

Seeing is believing, and close encounters create a lasting impression. That’s why we have an amazing Touch Tank in the Cairns Aquarium where, under our Educators supervision, you can encounter unique creatures from the Great Barrier Reef.

Sea stars, sea cucumbers, carpet sharks and a host of intertidal species are keen to make your acquaintance. You may even find a shark egg or two! When you connect with wildlife, we hope you’ll want to protect them just as much as we do!

a group of people touching something in the aquarium