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Dedicated to the conservation of the animals and plants that live in the Great Barrier Reef & The Wet Tropics

Dedicated to Conservation

Cairns Aquarium is dedicated to the conservation of the animals and plants that live in two adjoining World Heritage listed areas, the Great Barrier Reef and The Wet Tropics in addition to the Gulf Savannah and Cape York. These ecosystems have earnt their status because they are amongst the most biodiverse regions on earth containing an extremely rich variety of Australian animals and plants, many of which are endemic, rare or threatened.

The Cairns Aquarium team aims to foster a culture of sustainability that supports the conservation goals of the organization and the greater public, while building a strong legacy of environmental stewardship for the Wet Tropics and all eco-systems worldwide. The Cairns Aquarium is also committed to development and implementation of policies, partnerships, initiatives, and programs that integrate environmentally conscious practices into the Aquarium’s daily operations and convey a fundamental message of conservation.

Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

The Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre is a Not-for-Profit, volunteer run, charitable entity which provides guided tours of the working Turtle Hospital located at the Cairns Aquarium.

Visit the Turtle Hospital on a guided tour – all proceeds go towards caring for these amazing creatures from rescue, to rehabilitation, and the costs of tracking after release.

Say No to Plastics!

From the river to the reef, help protect the animals you love and take the pledge to say No to single use plastics when you can. At the Cairns Aquarium, we no longer offer plastic drink vendors so please bring your own re-usable bottle to fill at our water fountain situated in the Mangrove zone or purchase one at the gift store before entry. You can help by joining us at our next Clean Up Australia Day challenge.

Clean Up Australia Day

Join the Cairns Aquarium crew on our annual Clean Up Australia Day challenge and help make a difference! Volunteer and take action for animals as we restore Cairns beaches, waterways or rainforest reserves. You’ll help reduce plastic waste to support these fragile eco-systems and the animals that live in them from frogs to fish, while having fun along the way!

How You Can Help

Climate change and ocean acidification are profoundly affecting organisms that live in coastal waters. You can help by making choices that reduce the amount of greenhouse gases you produce each day: 

  • Consider alternative transport – Ride your bike or walk instead of drive, take public transportation, share ride and drive a fuel-efficient vehicle. 
  • Install renewable energy – such as solar panels to your home and business.
  • Buy energy and water efficient appliances and devices – use less fossil fuel energy at home.
  • Think about what you eat – Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet; and reduce the amount of meat or processed foods. Livestock production contributes to the emissions that cause climate change. Choose sustainable locally sourced seafood.
  • Be energy efficient – turn off lights or appliances when not in use, switch to LED’s, wash in cold water and hang to dry, and only use air-conditioning or heating when really necessary
  • Refuse, reduce, recycle – buy reusables instead of single use plastics, compost, cut food waste, give what you don’t use to charity
  • Talk about it – discuss climate solutions with your friends, family and through social media
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