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Every day at Cairns Aquarium we provide visitors with guaranteed interaction with some of the rarest and most elusive animals on earth. The incredible biodiversity of the two adjoining World Heritage listed areas, The Wet Tropics and The Great Barrier Reef provides the cast for a show stopping spectacle of colour, shape and movement that you will never see in another single location anywhere else in the world. 15,000 animals from 10 different ecosystems and 71 habitats across Tropical North Queensland are less than a hand span away and their ever-changing activities and behaviours will keep you mesmerised every time you visit.

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What’s On at Cairns Aquarium

Enjoy daily talks and presentations provided by our very knowledgeable and entertaining AquaNuts - we call them that because they are crazy about all things aquatic and when you meet them you’ll see and hear that for yourselves!

  • Flooded Billabong River Monsters9:30amRiver Monsters Amphitheatre (Ground Floor)
  • Terrestrial Encounter Touch and Talk10:00amWet Tropics Rainforest Zone (Level 1)
  • Ribbon Reef Denizens of the Deep10:30amDeep Reef Amphitheatre (Level 1)
  • Coral Sea Life of Sharks and Rays11:00amOceanarium (Ground Floor)
  • Open Ocean Curious & Coloured11:30amCoral Sea Amphitheatre (Ground Floor)
  • Flooded Billabong River Monsters1:00pmRiver Monsters Amphitheatre (Ground Floor)
  • Terrestrial Encounter Touch and Talk1:30pmWet Tropics Rainforest Zone (Level 1)
  • Ribbon Reef Denizens of the Deep2:00pmDeep Reef Amphitheatre (Level 1)
  • Marine Encounter Touch and Talk2:30pmMarine Touch Pools (Level 1)
  • Coral Sea Life of Sharks and Rays3:00pmOceanarium (Ground Floor)
  • Open Ocean Curious & Coloured4:00pmCoral Sea Amphitheatre (Level 1)

See Creatures You’ve Never Seen Before

Your journey through the Cairns Aquarium follows a drop of rain as it descends from the tropical rainforest covered range, to join creeks, streams and rivers before travelling through the rainforest, across the mangrove flats and coral reef systems before entering the Coral Sea. 10 North Queensland ecosystems and 71 habitats have been meticulously researched so that these natural environments could be recreated in Cairns Aquarium to ensure the ongoing health and longevity of the species on display.


Touch and Talk

Taking a closer look has its rewards; you might see something you’ve never noticed before but to really understand the incredible adaptations and behaviours of these creatures you should attend one of the scheduled daily presentations or talks from one of our incredibly knowledgeable AquaNuts.

Seeing is believing but touching creates a lasting impression that will be long remembered. That’s why we have two Touch Tanks in Cairns Aquarium where, under our AquaNuts supervision, you can touch incredible creatures from the rainforest and the reef. Lizards, sea stars, sea cucumbers and a host of delicate sea creatures are keen to make your acquaintance so you will love them and want to protect them... just like we do.

See what's on today at Cairns Aquarium


Behind the Scenes

Cairns Aquarium is designed for close viewing of reef and rainforest animals but behind the scenes there is so much more to explore and discover. Behind The Scenes Tours allow you to see what makes the aquarium tick and how we take care of the precious animals that call the Aquarium home. Check out our daily schedule when you arrive to see if tours are scheduled for that day.

Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Tours

Take a guided, educational tour into the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at Cairns Aquarium. Get a behind the scenes look at the turtle hospital facility where sick and injured marine turtles can be cared for and rehabilitated. Check out our daily schedule when you arrive to book your tour.

Sleep with the Sharks


A   r a r e   o p p o r t u n i t y   t o   s p e n d   t h e   n i g h t   a t   C a i r n s   A q u a r i u m   a w a i t s .   O n c e   t h e   d o o r s   h a v e   c l o s e d ,   e x p l o r e   t h e   C a i r n s   A q u a r i u m   w i t h   y o u r   A q u a N u t   h o s t   w h o   w i l l   g u i d e   y o u   o n   a   s p e c i a l   n i g h t   t o u r   t o   s e e   w h a t   t h e   a n i m a l s   d o   a f t e r   h o u r s .  E n j o y   a   B i l l a b o n g   B B Q   a n d   a   m o v i e   b e f o r e   b e d d i n g   d o w n   i n   f r o n t   o f   t h e   s p e c t a c u l a r   C o r a l   S e a  h a b i t a t .   I n   t h e   m o r n i n g ,  e n j o y   a   l i g h t   b r e a k f a s t   b e f o r e   s a y i n g  g o o d b y e   t o   y o u r   n e w - f o u n d   s e a   f r i e n d s .  S l e e p i n g   E q u i p m e n t   i n c l u d e d .

A d u l t   $ 1 9 9  -  C h i l d  $ 1 4 9  M i n i m u m   2 0   g u e s t s  -  M a x i m u m   4 0   g u e s t s

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